What the Future May Hold

Every individual’s experience with asthma is different. Some children outgrow their asthma. Some children develop asthma symptoms again later in life and some have asthma symptoms throughout their lives.

In adults who develop asthma, some have symptoms that get worse. Others can have spontaneous improvement, and may have no symptoms for years. No one can predict the course the disease will take in any individual. Every year, however, new drugs are being developed. More and more patients are taking a more active role in their own care, and the disease is far more manageable than it was even 50 years ago.

Much current research is focused on the body’s immune system and its relationship to inflammation in the bronchial tubes.

Several new treatments are currently being tested that are aimed at blocking the actions of different components of the immune system that thought to be involved in asthma.

The prospect for new and more effective asthma treatments is bright.

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