What do Mens Undies say About Them?

NetGirl brings you a must-know report on the underwaer men wear and why.

Baggy Cotton Boxers

Why? Because your aunt bought you them for Christmas. You don’t feel restricted in them and besides, you like Bart Simpson and Donald Duck.
What she thinks A bit of a joker mummy’s boy. He’ll be laughing all the way through the passion and would rather be out with his mates getting drunk.


Why? They keep everything in place and come in handy packs of three from any department store. They wash well and you can wear the red ones when you’re out on the pull.
What she thinks Forget the excitement with this one. The worst thing is that the wearer usually thinks they look so good he’ll strut round the bedroom with them on (obviously holding in his stomach).

Patterned Thong

Why? They did the trick for the Chippendales and you spend so much time in the gym you may as well show off your buns.
What she thinks Very few men can look good in them. Take Peter Stringfellows thong as a warning. He’ll be a selfish and vain lover.

Underwear? I don’t wear any
As unworn by Michael Douglas
Why? Because it’s comfortable, you’re ready for action and it cuts down the laundry bills.
What she thinks You’re up for a bit of fun but probably won’t be faithful for long. And isn’t it a bit unhygienic?

Fitted Boxers a la Calvin Klein

Why? They keep it all in. They’re worn by the coolest Hollywood stars and the designer name looks more impressive than an M&S label.

What she thinks You take pride in your appearance and will be an attentive lover but they don’t look so good teamed with stick legs and a bony bum.

Please Note : Net Girl assumes Y-Front wearers do not read this magazine

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