Weight Loss Tips: Do Not Allow the Weight Come Back

Everyone knows the major drawback of losing weight on a diet: When you stop dieting, the weight comes back.

MedicalĀ  science, of course, is designed only to assist your weight reduction goals as long as you are paying a hefty monthly fee for weight loss prescription drugs. When you stop the medications, your appetite recovers and you are primed to eat enough to restore all your lost weight and more. Fortunately, you may be able to keep off those hard-lost pounds by making minor changes in your environment.

For some people just looking at the box food comes in can trigger an increase in appetite. Really!

For reasons scientists have never really figured out, if you see food in a box that’s long and tall sitting on the shelf, your appetite increases. If you lay the box on its side, or if you store your food in plastic bags or short glass jars, you don’t get as hungry as fast. Your appetite is activated any time you see a neat row of boxes lined up on a shelf, even if all you see is the nutrition labels.

Or maybe you are the kind of person who has the Homer Simpson reaction to doughnuts. There are reasons these round tasty treats are so irresistible. Our eyes are round. A round object fills our field of vision. When we look at a doughnut, or a cake, or a bowl of ice cream, our mind fixes on food.

The moral of the story? Out of sight, out of mouth. Keep your cupboards closed and quickly put your perishables in the frig when you come home from the market.

But if you are one the tens of millions of dieters who has to keep food out of sight to maintain self-control, don’t feel bad. Current scientific research suggests thinking about food-or not thinking about food-has very little effect on appetite by itself. What you need to do when you can’t find the “self-control” get a particular food off your mind is to find another, completely different food you also like (such as chocolate chip cookies instead of pizza), and eat normally.

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