Weight Loss Camps for Kids. Part 1

Tashwanda Pinchback, now 24 and a public relations account executive in Atlanta, Ga., didn’t realize she was overweight until she arrived at Camp Camelot at age 12. At the Springfield, Mass.-based summer weight loss program for kids, Pinchback was surprised to find herself the second heaviest camper in the month-long, all-girl session.
“I just hadn’t been aware I had a weight problem,” she said. “It was my parents’ idea that I should attend camp. I really didn’t think I needed to go.”

Blah Meals, Active Schedule
Willing or not, over the next 30 days, Pinchback shed 40 pounds in what she described as a “very intense” experience. “It was a combination of bland food, lots of exercise and a thorough education in nutrition,” she recalled. “Our schedule was like this: wake up at 6 a.m. for ‘slims,’ which were fast-paced warm-up exercises; then run a mile; eat some awful breakfast; swim two hours; do aerobics; eat lunch; study nutrition; then do cardio training; play soccer or kickball; eat dinner; then, finally, enjoy a short free time before bed.”

Despite the rigorous schedule and blah meals, Pinchback couldn’t wait to return to Camp Camelot the following year. “The school year between my two camping experiences I stuck to what I’d learned in camp pretty well,” she said. “I regained only 10 of the pounds I lost at camp. The second summer I lost 20 pounds, and I learned even more about how to control my weight with exercise and diet. I’m still using those same techniques today.”

A Healthy, Active Environment
Pinchback’s story is a familiar one to Tony Sparber, owner of New Image weight loss camps in Pennsylvania, Florida and California.

Since 1989, Sparber’s camps have served about a thousand youngsters annually between the ages of 7 and 18 over an eight-week period of the summer in sessions that range from two to eight weeks in length. At New Image camps, the emphasis is less on the amount of weight a child or adolescent loses and more on how much improvement in self-image is accomplished.

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