UK Skate Events for 2011

Carrying on from last year, pleased to announce that two of our more popular events will be repeated in 2011. These include the London to Brighton skate and the Oxford skate. Dates are yet to be confirmed but it is looking as though the Oxford skate will be taking place during May and that the London to Brighton skate will take place during July/August.

The London to Brighton skate is not for the beginner skater by any means. It is an undulating road skate measuring approximately 56 miles from the south of London to the central Brighton piers. Following on from a trial run in late 2001, this years event has already received a lot of interest without any publicity. We are therefore now due to commence a publicity drive to gain sponsorsip from sports related companies and associated sports sponsors (energy drinks/bars etc).

Our aim is to make this a charity event whereby you, the skater, choose which charity the money you raise will go to. Whilst entrance fees will be kept to a minimum to cover organisational and safety costs, there will be a minimum sponsorship amount in order to participate.

Our Oxford skate will help to take the London skate scene to the student City of Oxford. Last year’s event was cancelled due to bad weather and late planning, but 2011 will hopefully see skaters from all scenes participating in a street skate along with several side line events such as hockey and tricks.

Check out our articles from 2011 for more information on the outline of the plans, and be sure to email  if you wish to subscribe to our newsfeed for more information about our events.

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