Treatment. Part 1

The overall treatment goal is to help individuals who have negative body image become comfortable with their body’s appearance. This includes not letting any negative thoughts or feelings change their behaviors and interfere with their daily life. As discussed earlier, behaviors do not occur in isolation. They are closely connected with our thoughts and feelings. Addressing the behaviors should go hand-in-hand with examining the body- image-related thoughts and feelings.

One of the first steps in treatment is identifying the individual’s specific types of body-image and avoidance behaviors. Keeping a journal of body-image thoughts and corresponding behaviors can help individuals become more aware of how their body image impacts their life. This helps to identify those behaviors that they should target for change.

Treatment for the body-image and avoidance behaviors is quite different. Both require practice and the willingness to experiment with doing assignments that may at first seem daunting. Changing overly engaged behaviors involves helping individuals cease their ritualistic, compulsive body checking, weighing, or whatever the particular behavior involves. Examples include setting a fixed time for dressing and eliminating body-checking behavior tools (e.g., removing scales, tape measures, and special clothes).

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