Then she Proposed a Similar Alternative to Diagnosis

Somebody comes in, they’re sneezing and running at the nose. If you say — “Oh, you have a cold. Here’s a product for you.” — that’s diagnosing: You’re telling them they have a cold, and you’re not a doctor to tell them that.

[But you could] say: “Well, from, you know, from what it looks like — it looks like, you know … you’re having some respiratory troubles, and these are good respiratory disease products … probably the ones that you’re thinking of.”

Wright described these methods as “totally safe.” Nevertheless, one distributor raised the question of lawsuits. Wright conceded that there had been cases involving distributors who “would not watch how they’re recommending products.” But she added:

It’s not something you need to be concerned with … if you’re just recommending the product and selling them.

There have been bills that have been tried to be passed in Congress … to limit what you can do, but those bills were not passed. And so anytime you’re aware of any of these bills going on, you’ll want to be in support of them not going through.

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