The Margins of Classical Homoeopathy, Part 2

A week later she rang to say there was no change so I posted a further dropper bottle of the same combination remedy with instructions to again take two drops per day. I did not hear from her for over a month, but then she called at my practise, without appointment, and waited to see me between patients. She just wanted to show me her clear complexion of which she was justly proud. The cure was complete. At last it was a complete cure, as far as the patient was concerned. She was clear of a disfiguring skin problem and that was why she had come to me.

There has been no relapse and the last time I saw this client, some four months later, for a recurrence of her gastric problems, I gave her a single does of her constitutional, Arsenicum 200C which cleared the problem without a need for further consultations. She is still taking Amlodipine.

In this article I have presented a view of a very controversial aspect of homoeopathy, and I hope to have provoked some deep thought. I also hope to have caused some consternation amongst my colleagues, especially those who are strictly classical.

If that includes you, please do write in and state your view. I would like to see much discussion on these marginal aspects of homoeopathy and I am sure the editor will be able to find room in future issues for letters and articles discussing these matters.

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