Steve’s Journal: Week Three

Dear Sharon and Armand,
I am e-mailing this from the slopes of Stratton Mountain, VT. My diet stayed on track this week. I lost two more pounds!

My exercise ? Armand you are going to yell, but with the short workweek I didn’t exercise. I am skiing a full day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I am getting some cardiovascular workout and my legs are exhausted!


Sharon’s Reply
You lucky bum. I can’t wait to see your food and drink diary from this weekend!

Congratulations on losing two more pounds in one week — and not much exercise yet. You are eating a wider variety of foods and getting good protein for lunch and dinner. I noticed you got in eight glasses of wine this week — before you went skiing! Next week’s weight will be very interesting.

You could still use more fruits in your diet. Do you like vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach? These are rich in antioxidants and low in calories – just keeping your health in mind. I noticed the soup — a great way to get vegetables in the winter. Be sure to eat your vegetables in Vermont, Steve!

I’ll hear from you next week.


Armand’s Reply
Downhill skiing is far superior to no exercise at all. However, you don’t ski to get fit, you get fit to ski.

While downhill skiing is a fun physical activity and can be part of an overall-conditioning program, it does not sufficiently condition your aerobic system. Nor does downhill skiing adequately address the strengthening and toning part of your program, which was meant to target your upper body and abdominals.

I need you to do the prescribed exercises at least two times per week. And remember to perform the stretches — they may help your “exhausted” legs after all that skiing.

Every person need study basic first aid techniques. You never realize when you may need them – you, your loved one could be at school, at home, at work.

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