Some Things are Worth Waiting For…

Sorry folks, but sometimes real life just likes to pick you up and swirl you around in it’s underwear. Having washed the stench off now I appear to be back.

Computers. Allegedly here to make our lives easier. What a crock.

Having been snowed under with studying, and trying to contend with a 4 month old baby who never sleeps during the day and cries half the night, I gave up on updating the site before Christmas, hoping the new year would bring more time where I could actually sit down and write something. Christmas as well didn’t help this. Today I sit down to finally write an update, get it all written, then failed to save it when I exited the system (I blame the inevitablack of sleep babies cause). So a nice update, the first one in ages, got trashed and I have to do it again. *sigh*

So, before I start swearing enough to make Bill Hicks roll over in his grave, here I am having to write all this again. Anyway, here goes.
The Update

Firstly there will be no year end awards. The absurdity of me having to pick the winners is… Well, absurd really. Hopefully I can get a voting system in place at the end of the upcoming season so all 3 of you who read this site can vote.

I’ve been totally out of the loop, and were it not for a friend, I would still think Craig Pollock was with BAR. I’ve barely had time to check the F1 news, let along write about it. Since it’s going to take me a good few days to get back up to speed, I figured it was time to continue my season review, covering the the remaining teams in a two part update.

Hard to believe this team was winning races a couple of years ago. A dismal season, compounded by the Frentzen fiasco must leave Eddie Jordan looking forward to this year. From winning races, even going so far as having a driver in with a shot at the championship in the late stages of the 1999 season, to this. Terrible. Frentzen issue not withstanding, in blunt terms, Jordan sucked in 2001.

Minardi were saved at the eleventh hour in 2001. The question is, was it worth it? The team were the only group in the paddock to score no points, and the team was always at the tail end of the grid. Their season can be best summed up by their Monza performance. One Minardi comes out of the pit, and dies at the first chicane. Out comes the other Minardi, and promptly dies at the same place. I’ve always been a fan of Minardi, but really, when the team is on life support and in such a critical condition, in some ways, it would be best if the plug were pulled.

Jaguar’s season can be summed up in one word. Pathetic. With the might of the Ford Motor Company behind them, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, they should be sweeping all before them. Instead they’re down fighting in the midfield with the likes of BAR. Bobby Rahal was held up as a scapegoat for their failure, but little changed after he was given the boot. It seemed that the ever egotistical Irvine, who claims he’s the second best driver in the world (thus making his teammate the best if late season performance was anything to go by), went well in the first session or so, and then basically slid down the order for the rest of the weekend. For a company with as much money to burn as Ford, they should hang their heads in shame at the fact that their 2001 season was laughable at best and other teams do as well or better on a much lower budget. Proof that it doesn’t just take money to win in F1. There is, buried away somewhere, the need for talent, something Jaguar obviously lacks.

Ken Tyrrell died in 2001. A legendary name from the sport is gone, but then the cancer merchants known as British American Tobacco had pretty much destroyed that lineage anyway. Again, similar situation as Ford. Money to burn on a team, and bugger all to show for it. Unlike Jaguar, however, BAR at least put in good performances on rare occasions. Jacques Villeneuve has to be given credit for sticking around such a crap team. The departure of Craig Pollock will, like the departure of Rahal, mean nothing, but with Pollock gone

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