Physical Findings for Endometriosis

The most common areas affected by endometriosis are easily reached by physicians during examination of the pelvis or abdomen. During these examinations, sometimes the pain being experienced by a patient can be reproduced.

Also, there may be nodularity (bumps) behind the uterus that are characteristic of endometriosis, making the likelihood of the presence of this disease very high.

The uterus may be less mobile than normal which may represent adhesions (scar tissue) in the pelvis.

Ovarian masses can also be detected in physical examinations which may be consistent with an endometrioma (endometriosis in the ovary which is also referred to as a “chocolate cyst”).

Finally, in rare cases, endometriosis can be seen on the cervix, in the vagina or even in the umbilicus (belly button) of patients that have had previous abdominal surgery.

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