Okay, So you’ve Told me About all the New Stuff, but what’s Right for Me?

The greatest recent change has happened at the upper end, with the popularity of freeride skis and boots. Being shorter in length and softer flexing, these boards offer great performance all over the mountain and in any condition. They take shaped skis to the next level and make you look great doing it.

So this all gets us to actually going to a shop to make a purchase. Before you are too quick on the draw with your Visa card, do some homework to get some specific brands and models in mind and reasonable prices for them. An easy way to accomplish his is to grab a buyers guide from a publication like SKI, Skiing or Powder, and look at the product categories and reviews. Many are hitting the stores now and at the very least will give you an idea of what to look for and how the ski might act on the snow.

Another option is to wait for MA Nature to drop some snow and get the season started, and then attend an equipment demo day to take a ride for yourself.

It’s just like taking a new car around the block for a spin, except of course you are skiing. A few runs should give you an idea of the equipments feel and personality.

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