Let’s See

Ted talked to Brian and vowed his backing. Is this the unlikely alliance? Well, it seems as though Brian and Ted have already had many warm conversations. So… no? Shii Ann and Jake had a warm conversation where Jake offered obvious advice and Shii Ann responded with fake crying. Maybe this is it…?

Oh wait, Erin and Robb both bashed Shii Ann! That’s it.

Err… Penny and Ken were shown having a conversation.The monkey and Clay seem to be getting along well…?

Next Week’s Preview
Well, at least they’re not promising an action-packed episode of twists, spills, and thrills. First, there will be a lot of swimming…

The guys set out to swim search for their boat. Ted says, “This is the most swimming I’ve ever done in my life.And then we’ll see a juicy argument between the good guy NYC policeman and the bad boy crazed maniacal spoiled rich kid…

And at Sook Jai, Ken and Robb have it out…
Ken: “You’ve got some set of balls today to approach me with this…”
Robb: “Don’t f’ing try to tell me I’m doing something that I’m not. I’m not f’ing stupid.”

Just what did the producers have in mind when they shared this with us? I hope they’re not making fun of Robb because he said he’s not stupid.It’ll be interesting to watch, I’m sure, but I’m thinking it won’t be the huge fight it is made to seem. Ken will remain calm.

Robb will vent. Shii Ann will roll her eyes. Penny will look uncomfortable. Erin will look exotic in a non-showering sort of way. And Jake will give advice.

Also, from the CBS’ Site:

The offer of an incredible Thai feast brings tempers to a boil during a Reward Challenge.

“I’m not going with Shii Ann because she double-dips!”

Members of a secret alliance suspect that others are on to them.

Now, might this be the “unlikely alliance” of Ted and Brian they alluded to during this episode or might it be my Helen and Brian theorizing?

And if they suspect people are on to them, will they stage a really cool fight and accuse each other of dastardly things?

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