Jumpers Knee

Patella Tendonitis, or ‘Jumper’s Knee’, is an over-use condition that affects the knee, right above or below the kneecap at the tendon. It can occur in athletes who compete in sports that require forceful and repetitive extension of the knee such as volleyball and basketball.

Forceful extension of the knee over and over again aggravates the tendon at the junction where the quadriceps tendon attaches to the kneecap, causing a tendonitis condition. After the area is injured, it is slow to heal because of the poor blood supply relative to other structures.

A diagnosis of this conditions is easily made when the patient presents with knee pain that is well localized right above or below the kneecap, hurts when resistance is applied during extension of the knee and is painful upon palpation. Knowing the athletic history of the patient also helps.

Once this diagnosis is made the patient is instructed to rest and not participate in the activity that is causing the pain. Ice massage three times a day for 15 minutes is also helpful.

Jumper’s Knee has a tendency to re-occur. From my personal experiences and observations I find the condition returns when the athlete returns to action too early.

If you are prone to this condition stop the activity immediately, when you start feeling that type of pain. Why it occurs in some people and not in others is unknown. It is a common and self-limiting condition.

With time and rest, usually three to four weeks, you should be at least 90% and ready to get back on the field. As with all injuries, start slow and never force the issue! If the problem does not resolve or gets worse, consult your health care professional.

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