Is Your Child Being Taught To Be A Victim? Part 3

Personally I have made it clear my daughter can’t have D-hall without my knowledge, even if it is during the lunch period. I have spoken to the principle and two of the vice principles and made it clear that we will not punish or condemn our daughter in anyway if she defends herself from a bully. We continue to teach her self-defense and encourage her right to not only stand up for herself but to also say no.

Saying no is something all parents need to learn to themselves. They need to know what is going on in their child’s school, how self-defense is handled and what recourse they have if a situation escalates to violence. A parent also needs to decide whose side they will be on if this happens. Will they stick up for their child, support blind following of school policy or simply ignore the situation and hope it goes away?

As a survivor of child abuse myself, I can assure any parent the situation never goes away completely. It may be filed in some part of the child’s memory where it stews for years or it could be accepted by the child as another indication of his or her lack of worth.

In other cases the child becomes a victim to others or possibly becomes a bully out of self-preservation. Going from bully to abuser isn’t that big of a step.

All children should be taught the basics of self-defense. Any news broadcast or newspaper should make this apparent to all. This isn’t a perfect, Utopian world. There is abuse, violence and hate everywhere a person goes, even if that person is a child going to school.

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