Is Your Child Being Taught To Be A Victim? Part 2

The techniques we teach are for self-defense when the confrontation is unavoidable. In children, we stick to basic blocks and retaliatory strikes. These retaliatory strikes are basic punches and kicks. Everything is kept as simple as possible and no lower-belt child is taught bone or joint breaking techniques. We teach self-control, self-discipline and self-defense while building self-esteem and a sense of self-worth. In my opinion, these things are important for all children to learn.

Unfortunately the school districts across the nation are attempting to punish children who defend themselves. They are sending the message to our children that it is wrong to stand up for themselves. That they are to be assaulted, abused, ridiculed and beaten but do nothing about it.

When a child stands up and defends him or herself against a bully, they are in essence saying “No” to the bully. “No, you will not hurt me. No, you will not abuse me. No, you will not make my life miserable.” For years the United States government has had the “Just say no to drugs” program in force. Now the schools are teaching it is wrong to say no.

Domestic violence is reaching epidemic proportions around the country. The women’s shelters and hotlines are urging the abused to take a stand by getting out of the situation. They are urged to leave the only world they know and jump off into the deep end of nothingness. To do this takes an unbelievable amount of courage. It takes a person realizing they don’t deserve what is happening to them, that they are worthwhile, deserving of better.

My question is, where do the schools think this epiphany is going to come from? Abuse often spawns or supports abuse. Those who come from abusive backgrounds are much more likely to marry into the same. An abused adult was often sexually, emotionally or physically abused as a child by a family member or friend, but now the abuse is coming from another quarter.

Abusive students are being supported by the local school districts. They are being taught it is OK to beat some other kid up because there is nothing the other child can do. The teachers don’t back them up, the school won’t, and all too often the parents won’t either. So in effect, the schools are not only breeding victims, they are also producing abusers.

What is the answer to this problem? Each parent has to decide that for him or herself. My neighbor put an end to it all by deciding to do home schooling. When a friend of mine’s daughter defended herself, she was offered the option of alternate schooling or pops by the principle. Since my friend had no other vehicle to get the child back and forth to school and still allow her husband to work, she stood by and watched while her daughter received the pops. While there was nothing she could do, she did support her daughter in the punishment and made it clear to everyone there that she felt the child had done no wrong.

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