Help Clients Accommodate Disruption. Part 4

Effective strategies

Encourage clients to be creative but realistic when adapting their exercise routines for holiday disruptions. Ask them questions such as, Can you keep your current exercise program going? What could get in the way? How could you deal with these interruptions? What kinds of physical activities could you do instead of your current routine?

Remember those tried-and-true behavior modification techniques that help keep clients on track. Give clients a simple exercise log to record their exercise sessions each day and to pencil in important program dates.

Remind clients that exercise is a great way to relieve holiday stress. Encourage them to bring visiting family and friends along when doing physical activity. Do what you can to help remove barriers to exercise participation.

A lifelong challenge

Help clients see the larger picture — a commitment to lifelong physical activity. The holidays are short. The message for clients is this: A little change in your routine is OK, but you’ll feel better if you take care of yourself and keep active. Most important, make a resolution and a plan to get back into regular exercise as soon as possible.

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