Help Clients Accommodate Disruption. Part 2

A change of schedule causes many people to abandon good intentions. Add to that family and financial stress, fatigue and travel, and you have a proven recipe for relapse. Part of the problem is that most people approach behavior change from an all-or-nothing point of view, and when they can’t do it “all,” they figure they may as well throw in the towel.

Fortunately, research shows that certain strategies help to prevent relapse when the holidays or other events interrupt behavior-change programs. Try to help your clients, especially those new to exercise, anticipate holiday disruptions to their exercise programs. Help them make a flexible plan for staying active through the holiday season and for getting back on track when the dust settles and the guests have all gone home.

Develop a strategy

Most people have a pretty good idea what kinds of pressures arise during the holidays. Encourage clients to recall past holidays. What happened? What were the highlights in years past? What were the low points? How did clients feel? How did they cope? How would they like the holidays to be different this year?

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