Help Clients Accommodate Disruption. Part 1

“I love the holidays, but my exercise program falls apart,” your client says. “When my routine gets interrupted, I don’t get around to my workout. I know exercise is important. Any suggestions for staying active during the holidays?”

Many people find that the holidays can cut into their workout time. Fortunately, fitness professionals know that a few weeks off won’t have long-term negative effects on physical fitness. In fact, varying one’s workout routine and taking a few light weeks can even improve performance. We know that we will get right back into a regular schedule once things calm down after the holidays.

Plan ahead

For many, the holidays interrupt a “routine” that is not yet a routine, but only an attempt to establish new habits. Research shows that the holidays are a prime time for relapse in behavior-change programs. Whether people are trying to quit smoking, lose weight, stay sober or become more active, new routines are easily disrupted by the change of schedule that invariably accompanies the holiday season from Thanksgiving to the new year.

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