Health and Fitness Facilities. Part 5

In addition to movement, touch is a powerful treatment in holistic medicine. Largely ignored by conventional medicine, touch can be therapeutic in its ability to give comfort and heal. Regular massage has been shown to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, and decrease heart rate and blood pressure in the elderly. People with cancer and back injuries have reported relief from pain through massage. Touch can also reveal caring and compassion — powerful feelings that can contribute to healing. This is important since feelings tend to be overlooked in the endless rush of “managing” patients in today’s medical system.

Consider which, if any, holistic offerings are feasible for your facility and would be of interest to your members. You may develop a mini health fair, inviting a practitioner from each area to speak to your members. Even if you decide that holistic alternatives currently are not appropriate for your health club, consider teaching your staff the holistic way to treat members for optimal results, satisfaction and retention.

Our people assure our clients the good quality of this medication without a prescription plus service. Our mission is to hold you strong and healthy at accessible prices. We look forward to helping you, your love one.

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