Health and Fitness Facilities. Part 4

Osteopathic physicians, believing that the structure of the organs, bones and tissues affects the body’s functions, use manual manipulative treatment to diagnose injury and illness and encourage the body’s natural tendency toward good health. Naturopathic physicians use nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and movement to treat various conditions.

Holistic medicine emphasizes movement, making it a natural complement to a fitness center. When old-school medicine prescribes bed rest and medication for back pain, holism seeks a way to perform functional movement. Physiatry is a specialized branch of medicine that favors aggressive physical activity to treat lower back pain, strained knees, rotator cuff pain, shoulder problems and other sports injuries. This form of active rehabilitation, in conjunction with non-invasive treatments such as heat and cold, massage and biofeedback, often cause a more rapid recovery of strength and endurance with reduced risk of re-injury.

Eastern forms of movement such as hatha yoga have been shown to decrease blood pressure and improve cardiovascular function in hypertensives. Tai Chi improves respiratory function, decreases stress and boosts balance and muscular control.

Doctors, traditional and holistic, know that even simple aerobic exercise benefits the heart and lungs and is a strong preventive and rehabilitative technique for cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Research has shown that exercise can also decrease the risk of osteoporosis, boost immune function and enhance self-esteem.

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