Health and Fitness Facilities. Part 2

Holistic health care appeals to those frustrated by traditional medicine or who simply want to try a different approach. In the past, alternative medicine may have been considered a type of witchcraft or voodoo, but currently more people are trying it. In 1990, one-third of Americans were spending about $13.7 billion on “unconventional” medicine, $10.3 billion of which was paid out of their own pockets. Undoubtedly, the present numbers are significantly higher.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) Office of Alternative Medicine at times receives almost as many calls for information as the entire NIH. Even some insurance companies and HMOs now are providing coverage for some types of non-traditional medicine.

What is holistic health care?

Before incorporating any holistic treatments, fitness facility managers should be familiar with the theory behind the practices. This way, a manager can better select services, promote the new offerings and answer members’ questions.

The holistic practitioner believes that a physical manifestation of an illness doesn’t necessarily mean that its origin or treatment should be exclusively physical. By definition, holistic medicine also considers the psychological influence on physical health.

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