GhandiaTed Explosion, Part 2

Reader’s comment: “There are two sides, and although each has responsibility Ted did what was decent and necessary for the energy flow to be restored. Ghandia is stuck in a time warp and must learn to forgive herself and others.”

Given the fact that the cameras were on them all night, I wonder why they didn’t show anything Ghandia mentioned. Is it because Ted really did not nibble her shoulder and rub her hair? Maybe. Then again, recall Clarence and the bean incident. They could’ve showed this as well, but instead they chose to let everyone speculate just as they may be doing now.

Reader’s comment: “According to Lex and Lindsey, in Africa, the cameras are only on them for a little bit at night. That is why no one knew Lex had an autistic child, he only talked about it at night because he didn’t want it on camera. Apparently it is too expensive to run 16 night vision cameras just to watch people sleep, however, since the cameras are on for some of the night-it’s possible the survivors would not know if they were being filmed at that moment or not, which makes Ghandia more believable about the biting, etc. ”

Do I think Ghandia imagined the nibbling and hair rubbing? No.
Is it possible Ted grinded her without realizing it? Yes.
Could Ted unconsciously nibble and rub hair? I doubt it. This is quite a stretch.
Did I believe Ted was sincere when he apologized? Yes.
Will this happen again? No way.
Should Ghandia have simply stopped him when it first started happening? Yes.
Should Ted have done this in the first place? No.
Is either one of them perfectly innocent? No.
Are you as ready as I am to change the subject? I hope so.

The meeting ended. Everyone said it’s a clean slate, yada yada, but I didn’t feel like anything was really resolved. It seemed like Ghandia still thought what she thought and that some people still doubted Ted.

Either way, if I were in that tribe, even if I thought Ted DID try to get with Ghandia, I wouldn’t vote him out because that would increase the chances of my tribe losing immunity challenges, which would, in turn, increase my chances of losing out of a million dollars. Call me selfish. Call me immoral. Doesn’t matter to me. What happened between two people I’ve known but a week would be insignificant to bringing home mega-bucks for my family.

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