GhandiaTed Explosion, Part 1

Ghandia went nutso. One of her issues with Ted was that he was going to act like nothing happened. From what I understand about rape victims, not being believed or actually being blamed is far too common, unfortunately. It’s an immense source of pain and it’s easy to see why Ghandia freaked when she heard that Ted denied it.

Ghandia screamed and threw rocks and cursed and name-called and punched a log and chopped a piece of bamboo until the Red Beret took the axe out of her hand. Clay likened her to a 2-year-old throwing a fit who needs a good ass-whoopin’.

Ted stated what seems to be the general consensus of most people on the boards, “Ghandia was making an issue that was very, very small and could’ve been handled in a very professional, one-to-one manner and has exploded it into an issue that goes beyond me and beyond this game.”

Reader’s comment: “Ted’s excuse may be ridiculous, but on two occasions he earnestly confessed to what happened, and appeared to want to reconcile it with Gandhia, and then with the tribe (once she made it public). Can Gandhia shut up long enough to hear his apology, or is she so focused on what she’s saying next that what someone else says doesn’t matter?” – Howard

Another comment: “I have posted quite frequently on RealityTVfans site and have read other contributors’ views. The consensus of opinion seems to be that Robb is an overbearing but intellectually challenged doofus but a great source of entertainment, and that the Ghandia and Ted drama has most people thinking that Ghandia is overreacting and unwilling to take responsibility for her part. It would have been as easy as getting up and walking away.”

I’m not saying that Ghandia’s reaction was wrong. All I am saying is that she reacted irrationally but that her reaction was perfectly understandable.

The fact that she conveniently left out Ted’s apology and painted him in the most negative light possible, well that’s a different story. There’s no excuse for that.

Ted and Ghandia called a tribe meeting. He described without the least bit of prompting or denial how he had grinded Ghandia in his sleep and that when he realized what was happening, he immediately stopped. He explained how he apologized to Ghandia and how it would never happen again.

Ghandia mentioned that he had denied it to Brian, but she refused to hear that just seconds earlier Ted admitted to grinding her.

The argument then shifted to how he nibbled her shoulder and rubbed her hair. He emphatically denied this and said that he is “not even attracted” to Ghandia and that he is 150-200% happy with his wife. (Spoken like a true software guru. I guess this means that he’s really happy with her.)

From Ghandia’s actions (playing with the sand, eye contact only when she speaks, not directly responding to anything Ted said), I’m thinking that Ghandia refuses to accept Ted’s apology and probably STILL thinks that Ted would like to “get with her.”

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