All Is Calm for the Holiday, Part 2

Our holiday season is highlighted by sweets. We love to bake and eat cookies together. Each December we get out our favorite holiday recipes. We love to make little mini cheesecakes. Long nut rolls are a family tradition using Grandma’s passed down recipe. The wonderful aroma of yeast baking and cinnamon fill the house. A few cookies are cooled and sampled. We set aside a day to make sugar cutouts together. It is always fun to see how the children mix their own icing colors and create their own designs. We make little popcorn trees to take to the neighbors each Christmas Eve. (more…)

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All Is Calm for the Holiday, Part 1

Christmas! The mere mention of it brings panic. The radio announces unmercifully that there are only a few shopping days left before Christmas. The stores have been decorated for the holiday since October … so many things to do before the big day! Where to begin? (more…)

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A Sleepwalker in the Family

Many people are familiar with the term ‘sleepwalking.’ The medical term for sleepwalking is called somnambulism. Many sleepwalkers have inherited it from their parents and it seems that it occurs in boys more than girls. (more…)

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Balancing Family and Career

The duality of women’s lives still makes it difficult for them to achieve all that they might in their careers. A story in last week’s New York Times drove this point home. It dealt with a female commander in the army who was in line for general, a level women don’t get to very often. But she was also the mother of three children, and she took herself out of the running because the demands of the job would keep her away from her kids too much. (more…)

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Is Your Child Being Taught To Be A Victim? Part 3

Personally I have made it clear my daughter can’t have D-hall without my knowledge, even if it is during the lunch period. I have spoken to the principle and two of the vice principles and made it clear that we will not punish or condemn our daughter in anyway if she defends herself from a bully. We continue to teach her self-defense and encourage her right to not only stand up for herself but to also say no. (more…)

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Is Your Child Being Taught To Be A Victim? Part 2

The techniques we teach are for self-defense when the confrontation is unavoidable. In children, we stick to basic blocks and retaliatory strikes. These retaliatory strikes are basic punches and kicks. Everything is kept as simple as possible and no lower-belt child is taught bone or joint breaking techniques. We teach self-control, self-discipline and self-defense while building self-esteem and a sense of self-worth. In my opinion, these things are important for all children to learn. (more…)

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Is Your Child Being Taught To Be A Victim? Part 1

I will be 41 years old in the very near future, and for the first time in my life, I went to D-hall. For those few who may not know the term, it is ‘detention’ and it is given during after-school hours to those students who have broken whatever rules the school may wish to enforce. (more…)

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Nutrients and Pregnancy

The effect of nutrient deficiencies during pregnancy can lead to a number of problems for the infant. Here are some nutrients that are essential if you are pregnant.

Low vitamin D and iron intakes may lead to low infant birth weight. Low folate intake can lead to miscarriage and neural tube defects. Low vitamin A and zinc intakes may lead to congenital malformations. Finally, low iron intakes may lead to stillbirths and premature births. (more…)

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