Then she Proposed a Similar Alternative to Diagnosis

Somebody comes in, they’re sneezing and running at the nose. If you say — “Oh, you have a cold. Here’s a product for you.” — that’s diagnosing: You’re telling them they have a cold, and you’re not a doctor to tell them that. (more…)

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Should I go for Different Medication?

Q.For the past forty years I have been an epileptic, taking 60mg of phenobarbitol twice daily. It has been controlled these past few weeks, but now I am experiencing signs of a seizure. Should I go for different medication? (more…)

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Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Viagra (Sildenafil) is a medication prescribed by doctors to men with erectile dysfunction so that they can have sex. Erectile dysfunction happens when the penis is unable to become hard or remain hard long enough to finish the sex act. If you think you will engage in intercourse in the near future, be sure to take Viagra 30 minutes to 1 hour before. Since a lot of men consider Viagra’s price to be high, here are some alternatives to Viagra and even Female Viagra.

Cialis (TADALAFIL) works quickly — some patients see results in 30 minutes and it can last up to 36 hours. This means that you and your lover can be spontaneous, and enjoy sex when the right moment occurs. To make sure that Cialis will help your particular situation, be sure to check with your doctor first. In clinical trials, Cialis was proven to enable men with ED to have one successful attempt of intercourse, as long as 36 hours after a dose. There are no studies on whether Tadalafil can be used for more than one sexual attempt per one dose.

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Pheromones and Unhappy Lovers

Sometimes it is nearly impossible to get lucky in love, regardless of what you may do. You may spend a fortune on clothes and your appearance and you may frequent all the hot spots, but sometimes things just don’t go your way. Despite all the time and effort we expend trying to improve our luck, some of us discover that we are just not as lucky as some other guys. Sometimes you need a little extra help in situations like this. Having friends arrange blind dates for you can result in the end of friendships, and men who are unlucky in love have already tried the various dating solutions.

For those men who seem to never catch a lucky break, Human Euphoria Pheromone Cologne provides a welcome solution to the problem — a solution that is an old standby that has helped other men in this situation. The pheromone is that reliable solution. The pheromone is a scent that is practically undetectable that makes women feel quite interested in the man exuding it.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this cologne. By using it, it’s possible that you will find just the woman that you have been searching for. Sometimes science can come to our rescue when luck eludes us. Human Euphoria Pheromone Cologne can provide the answer you seek — the results will be self-evident.

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Detox Patches as a type of alternative medicine.

Wellness programs and alternative medications have proliferated, resulting in the availability of some very unique products in modern health care. This is primarily a reaction to people becoming aware of ailments that are caused by our daily exposure to toxins in the environment. Toxins can accumulate in your body as the years go by. They circulate in your bloodstream and play a role in the development of various ailments. This is especially true with regard to the liver.

Detox Patches are among the most interesting products currently on the market. They are also referred to as Sap Sheets. They work to remove toxins from the body. Natural vinegars that are extracted and derived from Ubame Oak and Bamboo are utilized to produce Detox Patches. When attached to the soles of the feet, Detox Patches are thought to absorb toxins and wastes from the body. As a result, the metabolism and blood circulation purportedly improve markedly.

Detox Patches were developed by the Japanese as a type of alternative medicine. In Japanese medicine it is believed that the health and well being of a person are dependent upon unrestricted blood circulation. In addition, they believe that diseases are just imbalances that occur as a result of the interaction between a person’s constitution and his/her environment. (more…)

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