Jumpers Knee

Patella Tendonitis, or ‘Jumper’s Knee’, is an over-use condition that affects the knee, right above or below the kneecap at the tendon. It can occur in athletes who compete in sports that require forceful and repetitive extension of the knee such as volleyball and basketball. (more…)

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Summit Day

I’m glad we got up early! It took two hours to melt water for the day. I started to put on my crampons and get the ski poles, and had to sit back down due to dizziness. This happened on Mt. Elbrus in Russia. My blood pressure just drops and I get a shaky reaction. I needed to lie down and get my head some blood and all-important oxygen. I decided to get up slowly and get going. The Welshman, John was up and coughing blood. (more…)

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Okay, So you’ve Told me About all the New Stuff, but what’s Right for Me?

The greatest recent change has happened at the upper end, with the popularity of freeride skis and boots. Being shorter in length and softer flexing, these boards offer great performance all over the mountain and in any condition. They take shaped skis to the next level and make you look great doing it. (more…)

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UK Skate Events for 2011

Carrying on from last year, pleased to announce that two of our more popular events will be repeated in 2011. These include the London to Brighton skate and the Oxford skate. Dates are yet to be confirmed but it is looking as though the Oxford skate will be taking place during May and that the London to Brighton skate will take place during July/August.


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Initiating and Maintaining a Lifestyle Activity Program

One potential challenge to adopting a lifestyle activity program is to monitor progress effectively. Most individuals overestimate their levels of physical activity by about 50 percent. Therefore, when beginning a lifestyle activity program, it is important to objectively determine that planned increases in activity are actually achieved. This can be accomplished through record keeping.


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Some Things are Worth Waiting For…

Sorry folks, but sometimes real life just likes to pick you up and swirl you around in it’s underwear. Having washed the stench off now I appear to be back.

Computers. Allegedly here to make our lives easier. What a crock.

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A Community’s Service

As a senior in high school, the author was searching for an adult identity and acceptance into a community when she discovered rock climbing. Little did she know then that the results of this discovery would alter the entire course of her life.

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