Tips On Fostering Healthy Sibling Relationships

Do you want specific suggestions for engendering friendship among siblings? Parent educator and author Mary Sheedy Kurcinka (“Kids, Parents and Power Struggles, HarperCollins, $23) and Myrna B.Shure, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist in Philadelphia and author of “Raising a Thinking Child” (Henry Holt, $23) offer these tips for fostering healthy relationships among siblings: (more…)

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Paddle With the Current Simplify Your Life

I have a confession to make. Although I assist others in uncluttering their lives, simplifying my own life remains a “work in progress.” Almost outside of my awareness, my “To Do” list takes on a life of its own. I wake up most Saturday mornings already overwhelmed by what the day has in store for me.
I am happy to report, however, that I am making progress! I have learned that simplifying my life isn’t so much about working faster or finding shortcuts. And I probably don’t need to move to a cabin in Idaho to achieve it. In fact, I would be just as adept at complicating things in Idaho! (more…)

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Shifting into Gear Post 2

Pattyn saw a big opening. Because most auto manufacturers’ Websites were little more than electronic brochures, GM had an opportunity to use the Web to learn how to sell to a new kind of customer — folks who can make themselves highly educated about their purchase and who realize that they now don’t have to endure much time in a showroom. (more…)

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Shifting into Gear Post 1

Ann Pattyn doesn’t look much like a revolutionary. She’s 5-foot-1, dressed in a pink shirt, beige slacks, and a dark blazer — and relentlessly chipper. She arrived at General Motors in 1974 as a management intern and spent most of her career in sales and marketing. Pattyn has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology, as well as an M.B.A. from Stanford University. (more…)

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Should I Send my Shy Child to Camp

My 9-year-old daughter is very shy around people other than family and close friends. She would like to go to a camp this summer. Do you think this is a good idea for her? (more…)

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Should I Play Hard to Get

My boyfriend of two years keeps hedging on making a commitment. The more I pressure Jim to discuss getting married, the more he keeps his distance. My friends all tell me to back off and play hard to get, but I hate mind games. I feel miserable and anxious about our future, and I can’t concentrate on my work or anything else except Jim. When I push him to talk, we just bring each other down even more. I feel like I’m falling apart.


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Wonder is a tiny flame inside children that we fan or extinguish.

When a child pauses to stare at a butterfly, or an anthill, or to find a shape in the clouds, it’s a rare chance to wonder about how things work.


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Use Pheromones Spray as a Means of Attracting Women

Today, lots of men use pheromones as a means of attracting women. You likely have seen print and online advertisements stating that women will flock to you when you wear this inconspicuous scent. It’s tempting to be intrigued about whether this is real or only a marketing gimmick.

It is important that you understand this. While use of these products may cause women to flock to you, will you understand how to act? In reality, it is still necessary to have the social and seductive talents needed to influence women to begin with. Pheromones will be successful as long as you invest the time needed and are at your fullest potential already. If you want to avoid preparation, you won’t achieve very substantial goals, just as you won’t have lots of hot babes throwing themselves at you without working on the rest of your strategy and preconceived ideas about seduction, first. (more…)

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