The Margins of Classical Homoeopathy, Part 1

Ranitidine has skin rash as a minor side-effect, but other than that her allopathic treatment did not seem likely to be causing her presenting problem. Both Ranitidine and Amlodipine, however, could have been causing some of her other symptoms (e.g., headache, flushing, nausea, and dizziness). Her intake of nutritional and vitamin complements – she was taking 1000 mg per day of Vitamin C and the lecithin – was not producing any noticeable effect on her skin problem. Consequently, I advised her to discontinue all her proprietary medication, but to continue with the allopathic prescriptions. Her allopathic practitioner was aware that I was treating her and had no objection provided she remained on Amlodipine. She was allergic to milk and milk products. (more…)

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Drug Interactions

There are no known drug interactions. However, formal drug interaction studies have not been performed.

Many patients use feverfew for prevention and then use standard pharmaceutical treatment for breakthrough migraines. However, there is no scientific evidence regarding the appropriate approach (if any) to such combinations. (more…)

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Exercise with an Aneurysm

Q.I am a 62 year old male with a 4.4 cm. aneurysm in the lower aorta just before the branch. I have been told I should exercise to improve my cardiovascular system. (more…)

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Water Makes Me Feel Bloated

Question: Water Makes Me Feel Bloated

In my attempt toward good health and a good figure, I try to drink a liter of water a day. Be it sparkling or still, I feel heavy and bloated even after several trips to the toilet. Does it make a difference as to what kind of water? I would’ve expected to weigh less and feel ‘thin’ and light after all this ‘flushing’ of my systems? Why don’t I? (more…)

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Cramps While Walking

I work out regularly, mostly walking but I want to move up to running. Every time I run a short distance, I get cramps in my side. Please give me some type of tip to make it stop. (more…)

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Curves are Described

Direction is based on which way the curve bends away from the center of the body. For example, if the inner side of the curve is to the right, it is called a right curve. (more…)

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Directions in Research

Clinical trials are underway for a number of new drugs to treat lupus. Promising future treatments include hormone modifications, more focused immunosuppressive drugs and biologic agents, some of which are designed to block the molecular messages sent between cells in the immune system. (more…)

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Do You Know What’s Really Causing Your Ulcer?

Lick Your Ulcer with Licorice A popular natural treatment for peptic ulcers is deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL).

While the commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals for ulcers may relieve your symptoms, they can also disrupt your normal digestive processes and alter the cells along your digestive tract. DGL addresses the condition, not the symptoms. It stimulates the normal defense mechanisms that prevent ulcers in the first place. It improves the blood supply to the intestinal lining, as well as increase the lifespan of intestinal cells and the protective substances lining the intestinal tract.


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REAL, FAKE, OR IMPOSTER: Prescribed Medications or Generic Medications?

Does it really matter that the pharmacy routinely replaces prescribed medications with generic medications?

“If a rose was called by any other name would it not smell as sweet?” Shakespeare, “Romeo & Juliet”. Medications: Generic vs. Brand Name

How much difference does it make if you take a generic brand medication instead of the brand name?

Does it matter? If it doesn’t matter, why do different companies make the same medications to sell for a various amounts of money? Why are they allowed to?

Why do we ever buy Brands? Is it all because of advertising?

What is the opinions of the pharmaceutical companies? physicians? nurses? parents of sick children? patients? (more…)

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Relieve Migraine Pain

As much as 20% of the US population suffers from migraine headache pain, affecting daily life activities and having negative consequences for society. Because the effects of migraines permeate the lives of migraine sufferers, impacting job performance, daily routine activities and family and social relationships, these people are on a continual quest to find relief for the symptoms and ways to prevent migraines from occurring at all.

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