GhandiaTed Explosion, Part 2

Reader’s comment: “There are two sides, and although each has responsibility Ted did what was decent and necessary for the energy flow to be restored. Ghandia is stuck in a time warp and must learn to forgive herself and others.”

Given the fact that the cameras were on them all night, I wonder why they didn’t show anything Ghandia mentioned. Is it because Ted really did not nibble her shoulder and rub her hair? Maybe. Then again, recall Clarence and the bean incident. They could’ve showed this as well, but instead they chose to let everyone speculate just as they may be doing now. (more…)

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GhandiaTed Explosion, Part 1

Ghandia went nutso. One of her issues with Ted was that he was going to act like nothing happened. From what I understand about rape victims, not being believed or actually being blamed is far too common, unfortunately. It’s an immense source of pain and it’s easy to see why Ghandia freaked when she heard that Ted denied it. (more…)

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The FDA Is Doing Its Job. Part 2

In 1999, two similar agents for diabetes treatment were approved and marketed — SmithKline Beecham’s Avandia, and Lilly’s Actos. Thus far, the liver toxicity that led to 63 deaths among those on Rezulin has not been seen with these drugs.


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The FDA Is Doing Its Job. Part 1

The recent withdrawal of Warner-Lambert’s diabetes drug Rezulin has provoked the predictable outcry from consumer groups: Food and Drug Administration laxity and haste permits unsafe drugs into the marketplace.


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An Artificial Life

There has been a question on my mind about artificial coloring and flavoring. The question is ‘Why?’ To make a product more visually appealing? To make it taste sweeter without a few more calories?

Wouldn’t you rather eat an all-natural food at any cost? Be it an odd color (or lack of) or the calories equivalent to an extra mile on the treadmill? (more…)

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Places where you can Catch the Flu

Well, this hasn’t been a truly productive week. I managed to catch some flu going around. I’ve felt lousy most of the week. Armand, I only went line dancing on Monday and did nothing else except take a few really short walks. Since I’m feeling better, I should be able to do a bit more this week. I’m helping friends move today, so that will be a bit of exercise. (more…)

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A Weighty Matter Post 2

The third option is a “high-protein/low-carbohydrate” approach that does not count calories or fats, but focuses on reducing the amount of carbohydrates that are ingested. The reason for reducing carbohydrates is because some people have a “thrifty gene” which causes increases of insulin levels in the blood when carbohydrates are ingested. This insulin increase tells the body to store food rather than use if for energy; hence this type of person will often gain weight on a high-carbohydrate/low-fat diet. (more…)

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A Weighty Matter Post 1

Fear of weight gain often is a major barrier to quitting smoking, especially for women. The truth is that many, but not all, tobacco users gain weight when they quit, and 23 percent of tobacco users lose weight. Of smokers, 60 percent of men and 51 percent of women gain weight. (more…)

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Testing for Hepatitis

There are specific tests your doctor can do to identify viral hepatitis A, B, and C. Blood banks also screen donated blood for hepatitis A, B, and C, and notify you if you have tested positive.
The hepatitis A test, if positive, indicates a recent infection, or immunity to the virus due to a previous infection.

The tests for hepatitis B (there are several) can identify whether you are infected, if you are recovering from the disease, if you have a chronic infection, or if you are resistant to hepatitis B.


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What is Health Psychology? Short Review

Health psychology draws together various aspects of psychology and uses this knowledge to help explain health and illness from a non-medical perspective. Health psychologists are not anti-medicine, but they do recognise the limitations of a system that predominantly emphasises the biological aspects of health and illness.

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