Treatments for Hair Loss

Drugs can work in some women when the hair is thin but has not disappeared entirely. (more…)

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Treatment for hair loss and baldness

How do you know the best hair loss treatments, and is there any kind of hope in the future for male baldness? There is one thing we know for certain – there are thousands of men everywhere who really hope so! Finding a cure for hair loss would be awesome for men and their self-esteem, while making the company that solves this problem a whole lot of money. R&D departments everywhere are working extra hours in the hopes of finding a cure.

According to the top researchers, a cure for hair loss will be found through the technology of gene therapy. Using the results of preliminary research, researchers believe that a solution should be readily available within the next ten years. Today’s cures are already going from the labs and into clinical trials, bringing them one step closer to the consumer. Can you tell me the opinions that men have now?

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