All Is Calm for the Holiday, Part 1

Christmas! The mere mention of it brings panic. The radio announces unmercifully that there are only a few shopping days left before Christmas. The stores have been decorated for the holiday since October … so many things to do before the big day! Where to begin?

The shopping must be done early to avoid crowds as well as depleted stock. One must trudge through the chaos of the department stores to find the perfect gift for each person on their list. Charge cards are pushed to the limit as everyone scrambles to buy the perfect Christmas gift. People fight for parking spaces. Exhausted clerks find it hard to be friendly. Tired children cry for attention. No one hears them in the bustle of the season.

Wait a minute. Stop the madness. Reflect on what Christmas means to you and your family. Find ways to slow it down and make happy memories to cherish forever. Relieve yourself of December panic and usher in Christmas spirit. Remember that Christmas had its humble beginnings on a quiet night in a stable. Silent Night, Holy Night, All is calm, All is bright….

Several years ago, our family decided to make it our goal to keep the holiday simple. We no longer join the buggy bumpers out there to fill our carts with material love. A few practical gifts are given. Some are homemade gifts from the heart. Some are gifts of time. We truly do not miss the stress of hysterical last minute shopping. We no longer need to hide from the postman as he delivers maxed out credit card bills each January 1st.

Start some of your own family traditions. Slow down and enjoy each other this holiday season. One way we enjoy celebrating the season is by sending cards to out-of-state relatives. It is our way of keeping in touch at least once a year. Sometimes the children will make the cards or enclose a photo for a special touch. We also take some cards to the nursing home to brighten their day.

Another fun tradition we have is getting the Christmas tree. My husband and our three children usually go out on a snowy afternoon to choose just the right one.

We circle around many that are too short, too tall, too bare, too yellow etc., until we all can agree. One of the boys grabs the saw and chops it down. We carry it to its new home and decorate it together. The youngest always places the angel on the top of the tree. We all admire our handiwork while sipping hot cocoa and listening to favorite carols.

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