Reducing Employee Attrition

The cost attributed to employee attrition can set a company back thousands of dollars annually. The frustration that accompanies employee turnover and its effect on the management team cannot be monetarily measured, but manifests itself in ineffective leadership and a decrease in productivity. (more…)

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Steve’s Journal: Week Three

Dear Sharon and Armand,
I am e-mailing this from the slopes of Stratton Mountain, VT. My diet stayed on track this week. I lost two more pounds! (more…)

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Becoming a Better Listener

In today’s noisy society, silence is practiced less but valued more. Most of us don’t listen well because we can get away with it. We nod, look concerned, mumble “umm-hmm,” without really listening to the person talking to us. We try to have a phone conversation while doing work, reading mail, eating or driving. With all these distractions, it’s no wonder we’re a society of poor listeners. (more…)

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How can I increase my energy?

Dear Expert:

I work in an office and spend most of my day sitting. I play tennis two or three times a week and walk once a week. In spite of this, I feel tired most of the time and would like to know how I can increase my energy level. (more…)

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Physical Findings for Endometriosis

The most common areas affected by endometriosis are easily reached by physicians during examination of the pelvis or abdomen. During these examinations, sometimes the pain being experienced by a patient can be reproduced. (more…)

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