Adult Progression of Scoliosis

Q.I have had scoliosis for a long time now. My spine has had a 13-degree curve in it for two years. I went to see my orthopedic doctor last week. It has now progressed to a 20-degree curve. I am 32 years old. Why is it progressing? I thought it only got worse in growing children and that when you became an adult it wouldn’t worsen. Could it get even worse than it is now, or could it stay at 20 degrees? (more…)

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Exercise Keeps the Mind in Shape

Yet another study has found a reason to encourage your members to keep exercising: It found that exercise helps to keep people’s minds healthy as they age.
The study, which was presented in May at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, involved almost 6,000 women. (more…)

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Life With Baby Fact vs Fiction

My office has a revolving door. Or so it sometimes seems. Many fresh, young faces enter my office, ripe with anticipation at the prospect of “motherhood.” Months later, those same faces return, no longer fresh, no longer vibrant, and baby in tow. What went wrong? (more…)

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Menopause: Medications

Hormone therapy during and after menopause can involve:
The use of estrogen only (estrogen replacement therapy or ERT). This is also called unopposed estrogen therapy.

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For years, a stately cypress tree stood at the entrance of our town.

Two days ago, town officials had it chopped down after an arborist revealed that the tree had lost “its integrity.” (more…)

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