Illness in Asthma Study

In a 1978 asthma study at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), two of four volunteers became ill after being medicated with hexamethonium, the drug associated with the death of a research volunteer at Johns Hopkins University on June 2.


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Cash cow

How does make money? That’s not exactly clear. Louvat cryptically states that the model is “evolving.” For the first several months of beta-testing, charged no transaction fees. In October, it began to levy a $3 flat fee on ISP vendor bids and $10 for patent and trademark attorneys. The plan is to roll out other fees gradually over the coming weeks. (more…)

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Let’s See

Ted talked to Brian and vowed his backing. Is this the unlikely alliance? Well, it seems as though Brian and Ted have already had many warm conversations. So… no? Shii Ann and Jake had a warm conversation where Jake offered obvious advice and Shii Ann responded with fake crying. Maybe this is it…? (more…)

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15 Ways to Help Keep Lead Levels Low

What can you do to minimize your child’s risk of lead poisoning? Follow these 15 suggestions to keep your child’s blood lead level low.

Talk with your pediatrician about arranging for blood lead testing for your child. (more…)

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Then she Proposed a Similar Alternative to Diagnosis

Somebody comes in, they’re sneezing and running at the nose. If you say — “Oh, you have a cold. Here’s a product for you.” — that’s diagnosing: You’re telling them they have a cold, and you’re not a doctor to tell them that. (more…)

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