Teaching Tenacity

Probably not a day goes by in which each U.S. citizen is not in some way reminded of the need to exercise. National and community-based exercise promotion campaigns, advertisements from fitness centers and equipment manufacturers, television news and the print media all confirm the validity of exercise for maintaining/improving physical and psychological health. The recently released Surgeon General’s report18 has stated to the public, in no uncertain terms, that a sedentary lifestyle is toxic to health. (more…)

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Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no time to start running marathons if you’ve never done it before. But there are plenty of things you can do to stay in shape during your pregnancy, even if you’re not already a world-class athlete.

Before starting any exercise program, talk to your midwife or physician to make sure it’s safe for you to begin. (more…)

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Getting the Word Out

The traditional way to get your newsletter to your members is through the mail, and this option can still be the best. There are, however, less costly ways to send out a newsletter. (more…)

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Are you Part of a Caring Staff

Instructors play a significant role in client retention and how members view the aerobics program. When new students walk into the room, are they greeted warmly? Do you briefly go over with them what to expect from the class and discuss safety precautions? (more…)

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The Weekly News In Review

Despite its failure to attract any contestants at all, a government-backed Argentinian television network is going ahead with its proposed new game show: “Who Wants To Be President?”

“We believe we have a unique concept here,” a spokesman claimed. “Instead of the winner taking all, the loser will be forced to become president.”


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Staff Gratuities

In November of 1995, Pierpoint decided to give its members a chance to show its holiday gratitude to the staff. A letter was sent to all members informing them of the creation of an “Employee Holiday Fund.” The members were invited to contribute to the fund, if they wished. (more…)

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