GhandiaTed Explosion, Part 2

Reader’s comment: “There are two sides, and although each has responsibility Ted did what was decent and necessary for the energy flow to be restored. Ghandia is stuck in a time warp and must learn to forgive herself and others.”

Given the fact that the cameras were on them all night, I wonder why they didn’t show anything Ghandia mentioned. Is it because Ted really did not nibble her shoulder and rub her hair? Maybe. Then again, recall Clarence and the bean incident. They could’ve showed this as well, but instead they chose to let everyone speculate just as they may be doing now. (more…)

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GhandiaTed Explosion, Part 1

Ghandia went nutso. One of her issues with Ted was that he was going to act like nothing happened. From what I understand about rape victims, not being believed or actually being blamed is far too common, unfortunately. It’s an immense source of pain and it’s easy to see why Ghandia freaked when she heard that Ted denied it. (more…)

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The Margins of Classical Homoeopathy, Part 2

A week later she rang to say there was no change so I posted a further dropper bottle of the same combination remedy with instructions to again take two drops per day. I did not hear from her for over a month, but then she called at my practise, without appointment, and waited to see me between patients. She just wanted to show me her clear complexion of which she was justly proud. The cure was complete. At last it was a complete cure, as far as the patient was concerned. She was clear of a disfiguring skin problem and that was why she had come to me. (more…)

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The FDA Is Doing Its Job. Part 2

In 1999, two similar agents for diabetes treatment were approved and marketed — SmithKline Beecham’s Avandia, and Lilly’s Actos. Thus far, the liver toxicity that led to 63 deaths among those on Rezulin has not been seen with these drugs.


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The FDA Is Doing Its Job. Part 1

The recent withdrawal of Warner-Lambert’s diabetes drug Rezulin has provoked the predictable outcry from consumer groups: Food and Drug Administration laxity and haste permits unsafe drugs into the marketplace.


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The Margins of Classical Homoeopathy, Part 1

Ranitidine has skin rash as a minor side-effect, but other than that her allopathic treatment did not seem likely to be causing her presenting problem. Both Ranitidine and Amlodipine, however, could have been causing some of her other symptoms (e.g., headache, flushing, nausea, and dizziness). Her intake of nutritional and vitamin complements – she was taking 1000 mg per day of Vitamin C and the lecithin – was not producing any noticeable effect on her skin problem. Consequently, I advised her to discontinue all her proprietary medication, but to continue with the allopathic prescriptions. Her allopathic practitioner was aware that I was treating her and had no objection provided she remained on Amlodipine. She was allergic to milk and milk products. (more…)

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