Treatments for Hair Loss

Drugs can work in some women when the hair is thin but has not disappeared entirely. (more…)

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Paget’s Carcinoma

Q.A family member was recently diagnosed with Paget’s carcinoma of the breast. It was found in the nipple. It started with a dry scab on the nipple in 1994 and never showed up on sonogram or mammogram. (more…)

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Drug Interactions

There are no known drug interactions. However, formal drug interaction studies have not been performed.

Many patients use feverfew for prevention and then use standard pharmaceutical treatment for breakthrough migraines. However, there is no scientific evidence regarding the appropriate approach (if any) to such combinations. (more…)

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Massage Therapy For People Living With Cancer

In the year 2001 alone, the American Cancer Society estimated that 1,268,000 people in the United States lost their battle with cancer. Cancer has touched many lives, and will continue to do so. Cancer does not discriminate. Cancer attacks our husbands, our wives, our mothers, our fathers, our daughters, our sons, our sisters, our brothers, and our friends.

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Should I go for Different Medication?

Q.For the past forty years I have been an epileptic, taking 60mg of phenobarbitol twice daily. It has been controlled these past few weeks, but now I am experiencing signs of a seizure. Should I go for different medication? (more…)

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Mindi O’Brien’s “2010 Fitness Olympia”

PREVIOUS WEEK’S REFLECTION: I hope everyone in Canada had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to my mom’s house in St. Catharines for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to go home and spend some time with my sister and my mom. (more…)

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