Holistic Health – the Dialogue Continues

From the most ancient of times to the present, people all over the world have relied upon the healing power of medicinal plants, natural foods and holistic therapies to maintain their health and well being. In modern times, the holistic approach has taken a back seat to conventional, allopathic medicine, but science is now beginning to recognize the therapeutic benefits of eating, living and healing in harmony with nature.


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Is Your Child Being Taught To Be A Victim? Part 1

I will be 41 years old in the very near future, and for the first time in my life, I went to D-hall. For those few who may not know the term, it is ‘detention’ and it is given during after-school hours to those students who have broken whatever rules the school may wish to enforce. (more…)

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Nutrients and Pregnancy

The effect of nutrient deficiencies during pregnancy can lead to a number of problems for the infant. Here are some nutrients that are essential if you are pregnant.

Low vitamin D and iron intakes may lead to low infant birth weight. Low folate intake can lead to miscarriage and neural tube defects. Low vitamin A and zinc intakes may lead to congenital malformations. Finally, low iron intakes may lead to stillbirths and premature births. (more…)

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An Artificial Life

There has been a question on my mind about artificial coloring and flavoring. The question is ‘Why?’ To make a product more visually appealing? To make it taste sweeter without a few more calories?

Wouldn’t you rather eat an all-natural food at any cost? Be it an odd color (or lack of) or the calories equivalent to an extra mile on the treadmill? (more…)

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Quality Systems Series Part 4

Illustration A

The ISO Process

1. Strategic Planning

* Obtain commitment
* Select registra
* Select conformance model
* Form project team
* Establish timeline
* Assess training schedule (more…)

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Quality Systems Series Part 3

After getting the staff on our side and documenting employee duties and workflow, it was time to write procedures. Here’s where we came face-to-face with ISO document control, one of ISO’s most tedious and time-consuming areas. The thought of notebooks of procedures for every department, each needing to hold only the current revision of each document, and each needing updating every time something changed, just did not make sense for a company where every user had his own terminal. Rising to the occasion, CPI’s programming department developed “ISODOC”. (more…)

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