Finding Out

How do you know if you’re carrying more than one baby? There are sometimes many, sometimes very few, indications that a mother-to-be is carrying twins. With increased medical technology, incidences of shocked parents and providers in the delivery room are decreasing, but this still happens on occasion. To prevent this surprise, expectant parents and their doctors should be on the lookout for signs of a multiple pregnancy.


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Quality Systems Series Part 2

We always kept our customers informed of what we were doing and how it might affect them. We gave them assurance that CPI had minimized the chances of wrong, delayed or mis-shipped products, assurance that CPI will only promise what we know we can deliver, and assurance that if there is a quality-related issue, procedures are in place to handle the discrepancy quickly. (more…)

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Quality Systems Series Part 1

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a worldwide federation of national standards bodies, developed a series of quality standards known as ISO 9000 family standards. These standards provide a framework for a Quality System, which is a series of checks and balances that ensure quality. Illustration A lists the ISO process. (more…)

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Fitness: Road to Happiness

In addition to its benefits for physical health, regular exercise has been shown to boost mood and overall mental well-being. Now new research shows that even among older people who are less-than-regular exercisers, those who are relatively lighter and fitter also seem to be happier.


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Water Makes Me Feel Bloated

Question: Water Makes Me Feel Bloated

In my attempt toward good health and a good figure, I try to drink a liter of water a day. Be it sparkling or still, I feel heavy and bloated even after several trips to the toilet. Does it make a difference as to what kind of water? I would’ve expected to weigh less and feel ‘thin’ and light after all this ‘flushing’ of my systems? Why don’t I? (more…)

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Places where you can Catch the Flu

Well, this hasn’t been a truly productive week. I managed to catch some flu going around. I’ve felt lousy most of the week. Armand, I only went line dancing on Monday and did nothing else except take a few really short walks. Since I’m feeling better, I should be able to do a bit more this week. I’m helping friends move today, so that will be a bit of exercise. (more…)

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