Business Building. Part 2

The upside: It has allowed his five-person company to expand its customer base outside the highly-competitive Fargo market. The downside: It is becoming more difficult to maintain ongoing customer relations. In the phone service industry, that is particularly important because revenues depend not so much on the initial sale of equipment as on higher-profit-margin components such as installation fees, ongoing technical and service support, and future system upgrades. (more…)

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Business Building. Part 1

Instant gratification Louvat and Consiglio are no strangers to the rough-and-tumble world of building a new business. Both bring a wealth of startup experience. Prior to, Louvat oversaw the launch of Disney stores in Europe in addition to his work there for Office Depot. Consiglio co-founded Benelli, a small Italian motorcycle company. Recognizing the potential of the Web in 1996, Louvat returned to the United States to work as franchise general manager for city guide CitySearch for a year in order to get his feet wet in the Internet sector. (more…)

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Cramps While Walking

I work out regularly, mostly walking but I want to move up to running. Every time I run a short distance, I get cramps in my side. Please give me some type of tip to make it stop. (more…)

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Boys New Arm Bone Will Grow with Him

Reuters Health — In a medical first, a team of Florida surgeons report that they saved the right arm of a 6-year-old with a rare form of bone cancer, enabling his arm to grow along with him. (more…)

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Curves are Described

Direction is based on which way the curve bends away from the center of the body. For example, if the inner side of the curve is to the right, it is called a right curve. (more…)

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Bone, Muscle, and Joint Problems

Topic Overview

The most common causes of bone, muscle, and joint pain are injuries. If your pain and other symptoms are due to an obvious acute injury or if they are associated with overuse of a joint, see the topic Bone, Muscle, and Joint Injuries in Related Information. (more…)

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