When Mid Life Crisis Hits

In your 40s? Feeling listless, out of sorts, and uneasy—and not sure why? Medical science knows the reason, but it has more to do with your mental health than your physical well being. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not “male menopause”—it’s probably nothing more than an old-fashioned mid-life crisis.


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Re Engineering Brands 3

Certain vendors who invest deeply in the skills necessary to convert customer information into deliverable value to the customer would also build strong customer-centric brands. In general, vendors who offer information-intensive products like newsletters or knowledge-intensive services like medical care will have the greatest success in building customer-centric products by tailoring these products or services to the needs of individual customers.


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Re Engineering Brands 2

Today, brands are largely product-centric -they are statements about the vendor or the products offered by the vendor. Brands say: Buy this product because the vendor has a reputation for high-quality products or excellent service or because the product itself is a reliable or low-cost product. In an environment where return on attention becomes the key measure of performance, a new kind of brand will emerge-a customer-centric brand.


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Re Engineering Brands 1

By leveraging the capabilities of electronic networks, infomediaries will help undermine the value of brands in conventional markets. They’ll do so by removing the two constraints that make brands viable today, both of which have to do with scarce resources:
1. Limited information about vendors.
2. Limited “shelf space” for access to products or services.


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A Giver and Taker in Action

To give you some sense of how the giver-taker scenario plays out, take a look at this classic case. When Claire and Larry first came to see me, Larry found it hard to explain why he was so frustrated with a woman who was so anxious to please him in bed. “It’s annoying sometimes,” he told me. “She never gives me a chance to approach her for sex, because she’s always there, always anticipating what I want. She doesn’t wait for me to warm up to her.”


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