Humor jump-starts hope.

Nothing amuses or uplifts truly depressed people. When we quit smiling, we lose our connection to hope. Through his gift of humor, my dad –a master cornball — revealed how to survive the dark times.


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Should I Play Hard to Get

My boyfriend of two years keeps hedging on making a commitment. The more I pressure Jim to discuss getting married, the more he keeps his distance. My friends all tell me to back off and play hard to get, but I hate mind games. I feel miserable and anxious about our future, and I can’t concentrate on my work or anything else except Jim. When I push him to talk, we just bring each other down even more. I feel like I’m falling apart.


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Wonder is a tiny flame inside children that we fan or extinguish.

When a child pauses to stare at a butterfly, or an anthill, or to find a shape in the clouds, it’s a rare chance to wonder about how things work.


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