UK Skate Events for 2011

Carrying on from last year, pleased to announce that two of our more popular events will be repeated in 2011. These include the London to Brighton skate and the Oxford skate. Dates are yet to be confirmed but it is looking as though the Oxford skate will be taking place during May and that the London to Brighton skate will take place during July/August.


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Can It Help Alleviate Chronic Heart Failure

Soft thoughts and deep breaths may improve the quality of life for patients with chronic heart failure (CHF), a condition in which the heart can’t pump out all the blood it needs to.
The evidence comes from a study of 28 people with CHF conducted at the University of California  by researchers, Ohio State University and Harvard.


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Dad’s Guide to the Delivery Room

In between moments of excitement and adrenaline, most expectant fathers feel a bit nervous about what goes on in the delivery room. Here are some ideas to help prepare you to help your partner during the labor and delivery process:

1. Know what to expect.

Go to prenatal classes and read as much as you can about the process. Get good, solid information so you’ll understand what labor entails.


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