REAL, FAKE, OR IMPOSTER: Prescribed Medications or Generic Medications?

Does it really matter that the pharmacy routinely replaces prescribed medications with generic medications?

“If a rose was called by any other name would it not smell as sweet?” Shakespeare, “Romeo & Juliet”. Medications: Generic vs. Brand Name

How much difference does it make if you take a generic brand medication instead of the brand name?

Does it matter? If it doesn’t matter, why do different companies make the same medications to sell for a various amounts of money? Why are they allowed to?

Why do we ever buy Brands? Is it all because of advertising?

What is the opinions of the pharmaceutical companies? physicians? nurses? parents of sick children? patients? (more…)

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Epilepcy. A Simple Guide to Seizures

Do you know the difference between Partial and Generalized seizures? Why is a Tonic-Clonic seizure different than a Myclonic seizure? Find out in this guide to common seizure types.

While there are many different seizure types, many patients are unfamiliar with types other than the particular seizures they may have. Even then, sometimes the seizures are not fully understood. The following is a guide to help everyone, patient, relative, and the curious, understand seizures.

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