Prescription drugs for neck pain with no prior prescription

It is not typical to administer prescription drugs for neck discomfort. In general, physicians are reluctant to prescribe drugs for neck discomfort until tests have been performed to ascertain whether this is necessary. The main reason is that prescription drugs that target neck discomfort are inclined to be quite potent, accompanied by serious side effects.

Complexity: Moderate
Select the appropriate kind – Take oral steroids for intense neck discomfort which will not be helped by non-prescription drugs. Remember that you should not take steroids longer than one week.

Inform your physician if you suffer from diabetes or have any infection, since steroid drugs impact some bodily functions and may result in severe side effects.

Inquire about using narcotic type drugs for pain when the level of discomfort from an injury becomes too much too handle.

Inform your physician of any past drug use or addiction since narcotic medications have this potential. Although they can be effective for brief periods, there is the tendency to build up tolerance and even become addicted with prolonged use.

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