Brand name and generic blood pressure medications

Blood pressure medicines get more expensive every day. That’s why lots of people with hypertension are giving generic equivalents a try. Brand name medications and generic medications are supposed to be equivally effective.  Generics are just available more affordably. When the patent on a drug expires, it becomes available to be distributed as generic. This means that a number of companies can produce and distribute that drug, making it available at lower costs.

Doctors and consumers sometimes worry that generic blood pressure medications are not as effective as brand name medications. In particular, they are concerned that they may not really be clinically equivalent. It’s easy to see why lots of people initially think that less expensive products lack quality.

Brand name and generic blood pressure medications, however, produce equivalent chemical actions.  For this reason, they are called “bioequivalent”. The only difference between generic medications and brand name medications is appearance, such as shape and size, and the types of inactive fillers that are used. Sometimes this is confusing for consumers.  They are used to looking at their brand name medication, and the different appearance of the generic medication can be startling.

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