How and Why to Buy Prescription Drugs

Do you get anxious when you need to fill a prescription? There are ways to decrease your monthly bill for medication, and even to stop taking some of the medications. In some cases it is very easy, but sometimes it requires you to make a commitment.

The Why: Pharmacists commonly hear complaints from their customers about the high cost of prescription drugs. You have a number of options for reducing your prescription drug expense, but first you have to consider WHY.

* Be prepared at your visit to the doctor. Think of any questions ahead of time and write them on a piece of paper. Bring a list of questions and make sure that you ask all of them.

* The most important question you should have for your doctor is why they feel that prescribing the medication is necessary.

* Could a change in lifestyle get rid of the problem? If you are carrying some extra pounds, could losing weight allow you to keep off the medicine? Would it help to start a physical fitness program?

* Is there a generic drug on the market that awill produce the same results?

* Ask your prescriber if the new medicine will have negative interactions with any medication you are already taking.  Keep you medications listed on a piece of paper, and carry them with you in your wallet so you can refer to them when you need to.

* Once you are sure the new medication is needed and there are no samples available to you, ask for a month’s worth of the medication. This should give you enough time to find out if there are any adverse drug reactions, and if the medicine is truly doing its job.

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