Professional bleaching at the dentist’s office. You should know.

An attractive, bright smile is surely a blessing. It can be a challenge to keep your teeth looking shiny and white, especially as you age. As you get older, the enamel on your teeth gets thinner and tends to stain more from eating and drinking. The teeth take on a yellow cast as the inner dentin shows through the enamel. When this happens, should you think about professional bleaching at the dentist’s office?

Hydrogen peroxide is used in the formula for lightening, sometimes with a laser and sometimes without a laser, and bleaching usually takes one hour when it is done in the dentist’s office. It will be more expensive if you opt for the laser option for tooth whitening, but the results may be better. For those who are good candidates for laser treatments in the first place, they are likely to obtain some lightening of the surfaces of their teeth. But these treatments are costly and many people are disappointed in the results obtained.

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