All Is Calm for the Holiday, Part 2

Our holiday season is highlighted by sweets. We love to bake and eat cookies together. Each December we get out our favorite holiday recipes. We love to make little mini cheesecakes. Long nut rolls are a family tradition using Grandma’s passed down recipe. The wonderful aroma of yeast baking and cinnamon fill the house. A few cookies are cooled and sampled. We set aside a day to make sugar cutouts together. It is always fun to see how the children mix their own icing colors and create their own designs. We make little popcorn trees to take to the neighbors each Christmas Eve. (more…)

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Weight Loss Camps for Kids. Part 1

Tashwanda Pinchback, now 24 and a public relations account executive in Atlanta, Ga., didn’t realize she was overweight until she arrived at Camp Camelot at age 12. At the Springfield, Mass.-based summer weight loss program for kids, Pinchback was surprised to find herself the second heaviest camper in the month-long, all-girl session. (more…)

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All Is Calm for the Holiday, Part 1

Christmas! The mere mention of it brings panic. The radio announces unmercifully that there are only a few shopping days left before Christmas. The stores have been decorated for the holiday since October … so many things to do before the big day! Where to begin? (more…)

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Jumpers Knee

Patella Tendonitis, or ‘Jumper’s Knee’, is an over-use condition that affects the knee, right above or below the kneecap at the tendon. It can occur in athletes who compete in sports that require forceful and repetitive extension of the knee such as volleyball and basketball. (more…)

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Summer Safety for Kids. Part 1

Not much beats that first-day-of-summer feeling when you’re a kid. The spiral notebooks and No. 2 pencils have been stored in the closet, and what seems like an endless number of days lie ahead. But, while kids may dream about the infinite ways to fill those long, lazy summer days, parents may be suffering nightmares about all the ways their children may get injured during summer vacation. (more…)

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A Sleepwalker in the Family

Many people are familiar with the term ‘sleepwalking.’ The medical term for sleepwalking is called somnambulism. Many sleepwalkers have inherited it from their parents and it seems that it occurs in boys more than girls. (more…)

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Summit Day

I’m glad we got up early! It took two hours to melt water for the day. I started to put on my crampons and get the ski poles, and had to sit back down due to dizziness. This happened on Mt. Elbrus in Russia. My blood pressure just drops and I get a shaky reaction. I needed to lie down and get my head some blood and all-important oxygen. I decided to get up slowly and get going. The Welshman, John was up and coughing blood. (more…)

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Health and Fitness Facilities. Part 5

In addition to movement, touch is a powerful treatment in holistic medicine. Largely ignored by conventional medicine, touch can be therapeutic in its ability to give comfort and heal. Regular massage has been shown to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, and decrease heart rate and blood pressure in the elderly. (more…)

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Health and Fitness Facilities. Part 4

Osteopathic physicians, believing that the structure of the organs, bones and tissues affects the body’s functions, use manual manipulative treatment to diagnose injury and illness and encourage the body’s natural tendency toward good health. (more…)

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Health and Fitness Facilities. Part 3

Holistic health care claims to be comprehensive, carefully individualized and empowering. Practitioners give individuals tools to learn about and care for themselves. As opposed to the typical authoritarian doctor/submissive patient relationship, the holistic caregiver is more egalitarian — developing a treatment method in collaboration with the person seeking help. (more…)

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